ELR takes a step further with our modular design concept in collaboration with SORAA, one of the leading partners in the lighting industry.
We present a new series of luminaires by uniting all expertise with our partners and complimenting each other harmoniously.
This exciting collaboration features state of the art LED driving technology, unparalleled LED spectrum and quality, combined with well-designed fixtures, creating the utmost comfortable yet functional lighting ambience that enhances decorative and architectural elements.

ELR Modular Down Light

Our design takes user experience into consideration and creates a system that easily allows change of power, beam distribution and tilting angle, without risk of damaging the ceiling. ELR down light fixtures are constructed with diecast
aluminium to ensure rigidity, quality and light weight.
LED modules are innovatively designed to be small and light weight, but still maintaining powerful light output. All parts are combined into a complete luminaire system with simple “click-n-lock” method and also “plug-and-play” power connection for easy installation.


Lighting requirements may need some tweaks during or after commissioning. ELR’s range of fixtures offers the unique feature of interchangeable LED modules, and the flexibility to add-on up to two layers of soft lens, anti-glare louvre or filters on site. This feature provides full flexibilities for lighting designers to optimize the required lighting effect instantly and easily.

Upgradable LED Module

A modular construction of LED engines, drivers and add on accessories that ensures the future upgradability of our range of luminaires. Driver & LED modules are easily connected through a simple plug-and-play connector system.

Series of Design

Based on concepts of homogeneity and harmony, ELR luminaires are designed to maintain their features and aesthetics throughout the adaptation of different lighting level and power requirement.

Future Proof

“Luminaires should allow for universal lamp/light engine replacement for serviceability, upgrade and future-proofing”
Technologies change, but your light fixtures don’t have to. ELR recognise that the latest technology now won’t be in years to come. With our interchangeable LED modules and sizes that are compatible to universal lamp standards, you can keep up with the latest technologies without the need to replace your fixtures.

Eye Response Dimming



Multiple Dimming Protocols

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